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Snap Shot

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United States

Being in love with music my whole life, I naturally migrated towards djing. I Initially started out just djing friends parties (for free). However, the euphoria I gain from moving crowds and making people happy got me digging deeper and deeper. Gradually, I acquired all the necessary equipments and with the help of other close dj friends, taught myself how to work the turntables. Of course, a prior radio background also helped in facilitating the whole process. Heavily into 70’s music, hiphop, R n B, there is not denying that it continues to influence my style. My persistent curiosity with music has me constantly exploring contemporary music within the African continent (among others). I believe that I fall within a group of very few djs (of African descent) who can provide a diverse experience encompassing all genres. Simply put, my passion with Djing is to be able to educate my audiences by playing music most djs won’t muster the courage to play. To me, Djing must be entertaining and educational simultaneously

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