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Snap Shot

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Top Clients

1. Events DJ- KM Boxing Promotions, Swindon 2. Eruption Promotions , Swindon

DJ Soul2Soul

United Kingdom

Djing has always been a hobby for me from day one. As a child I have always loved listening to music using my Dads record player. This progressed unto Senior School where I was the Entertainment Prefect at SPATS in 1993. I was inspired by Old school spinning groups like “Prime Cut Sounds”-Accra Ghana. I don’t Discriminate in my life and the same applies to my music, therefore I will classify myself as a Multi-Genre DJ. I have had some great mentors along the way; the likes of DJ T-Bone (UK) and Mix-master Dj chiefaro (Luv FM -Kumasi). Big Shout to DJ Greyman (UK) for giving me my first Night Club gig. My love for music and Djing is evident in that even though I am young when it comes to Djing, I have played solo in numerous Clubs and parties where even experience dj's will suffer or run out of steam. My research and time for my music has always ensured that I am always a step ahead even in multi-dj events. Feedback is always very important to me and therefore I am always learning and improving my Djing Skills.

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