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Dj Basa

New York

United States

I’m 19 years old, born & raised in Queens, New York and currently living in the Bronx. I started to gravitate towards music at an age so young I can’t even remember when the interest first sparked. I grew up around music a lot, my dad, uncles from my moms side, and grandparents were djing. What made me wanna try djing was actually all the cool gear and all the cool tricks and noises pro Djs we’re doing lol. Before djing I was already playing instruments and studying all types of sounds and the physics behind it. I was also dancing and playing sports which Later turned into a different lifestyle I don’t like to talk about. Djing was something that always brought my attention away from that lifestyle because I was always so focused on being the best I could at it. My goals in life is to own properties so I wouldn’t have to worry about owing somebody money at the end of every month so I can just continue to have fun with music without too many worries lol!!

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