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Funky N Fresh

United Kingdom

Funky ‘N’ Fresh Started out like any other DJ, playing at house parties whiles he was studying in university. At that time he didn’t know about beat matching, BPM’s, scratching, Mixing, etc. So he just played songs anyhow he could. He taught myself how to DJ properly mostly from watching YouTube videos and seeing how others did it when going out to nightclubs and parties. DJ’s such as DJ Big L, French Kiss DJ EZ to name a few have been big influences From 2005 he had been DJ’ing at house parties and small lounging events until March 2011 when he had his first breakthrough DJ’ing at a Massive event called ‘Ghana Independence’. An annual event Hosted by AkwaabaUK to celebrate Ghana’s Independence Day. The reaction from his set at that event gave him the first stepping stone to his DJ career. Thus he became one of the official DJs of AkwaabaUK. He has DJ’ed at many of the nightclubs in the central of London e.g. Agenda, Abacus, Roxy, Pause Bar, Gable Bar, Bar 104, DR. Inks Cocktail Bar, Platinum Bar, Mustard Bar etc. As well as DJ’ed many events hosted by AkwaabaUK and other promoters. His mixing ability and creativity has not only limited his skills to DJ locally but also given opportunities to DJ outside the UK. Countries such as USA, Ghana, Germany and Qatar have had a taste of him. He continues to this day to excel in his skills in all genres of music: Afrobeats, House, Funky House, Rap/hip-hop, R&B, Bashment. He quotes: My love for music is hypnotic and I love the vibe. When I play I make sure I give my 110%.

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