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Snap Shot

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Red Lounge Stage Seattle Holocene Afro Experience Las Vegas 7s (Kenya)



United States

Born and raised in Accra- Ghana , Seattle-based selector Solomon Nutakor aka DJ Nayiram who’s journey as a professional DJ kicked off in 2013 fuses rhythmic and futuristic bass sounds with rhythms reminiscent of his Ghanaian roots. His sets covers the global scene , drawing links and lines between cultures. Fusing the familiar with unfamiliar, popular with underground. The DJ and curator is also the founder of Afrobeat Global Seattle — a movement that aims at promoting Afrobeats in the Seattle music scene. This DJ is an articulate, musically driven person who enjoys entertaining with a wide variety of Afrobeats and diverse genres – In his opinion, a DJ must always play what he loves and ignore what’s “trendy” because true passion always eclipses what’s fashionable.

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