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Shatta Wale Ghana jumpoff One side family Exco levi Teddy Bruckshot(from the Movies Shottas

Dj Manni


DJ Manni broke new ground and influenced the genre and sub-genres of reggae, dancehall, afro beats and the likes with his uncountable mix tapes. Out of many DJ’s of all time from the start of turntable culture comes DJ Manni, an Influence in the history of sound system and is ubiquitous without doubts and that makes him a groundbreaking DJ. Emmanuel Kwadjo Denkyi born 6 August known in the showbiz circle as DJ Manni is a Ghanaian disc jockey and a radio host based in London. He runs reggae/dancehall program on Hot Lava radio. He is well known for his mix tapes, support for reggae/dancehall and promoting talented acts. He is considered as one of the most important reggae/dancehall hierophant;, helping bring artists with good music to a mainstream audience both locally and internationally. Manni gained attention with his first debut mix tape in 2013, it experimented into conscious reggae songs and hardcore dancehall songs but he had already released couple of afro beats, reggae/dancehall mix tape in 2012.

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