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Time Night Club Harrow - Oscors Bar Harrow -

DJ Black Irish

United Kingdom

DJ Black Irish (Soundz WickedMe) has been following his passion for music and honing his talents for more than 25years. DJ Black Irish has not only mastered the art of DJing but has proven his remixing abilities to some of the industry's most critical ears. With over 22 years of experience behind the wheels of steel playing in some of the countries night spots and clubs. Seemingly a natural since his early teens, DJ Black Irish began spinning for friends at private parties, and was soon filling in for DJs at local clubs. His signature mix with energetic vocals has since become an unmistakable sound that has been heard from Space to The Surface of the Sun. As a DJ, no one can question DJ Black Irish versatility; whether he’s creating a night woven with dark and mysterious beats, or charging up the dance floor with electrifying tunes, DJ Black Irish intuitively works a room with his creative mixing and programming style, playing music for the masses, as well as the most discriminating audiences. Prior to becoming a DJ, his younger years were still filled with music, starting with Phat Records in Ghana back in the 80's and continuing all through his teenage years. Growing up with a musical family and friends, opened him up to all types of music, from classical to dance, Jazz, Reggae, Hi Life, Afro Beat and Old Skool. Once he was exposed to the club and rave scenes, he couldn't get enough of the beats; he was hooked immediately to the vibe, the crowd, the atmosphere, and the pure thrill of controlling the journey. Music enables DJ Black Irish soul to speak. You feel him inside of you when you hear his music and you immediately understand the passion, love and respect he has for music. He's an old soul, even though his age doesn't say it. His focus is always on the music and its message. In spite of it all, however, it is only one thing that audiences truly sense when they hear DJ Black Irish spin, it’s the one thing that keeps his crowds coming back to him for more, it’s the force that keeps DJ Black Irish constantly moving forward in a world immersed in stillness: the power of music.

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