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Snap Shot

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Top Clients

1. Stephanie Benson(GH-UK Artists) 2. Spicy Affairs( 3. GN Radio UK 4. Besstel Foundation( 5. Maranatha Ministries (


United Kingdom

DJ Bigjoe has been at the centre of music, and nightlife for over half his living years as the go-to deejay for music impresarios, entertainment moguls, and even musicians. DJ Bigjoe’s career is the culmination of a lifetime of deejaying around the world, observing people reaction, and making people move. Bigjoe’s love of music and his appreciation of sounds both classic and cutting-edge dates back when he was very young and discovered the talent of playing drums, and by watching recorded MTV shows and music videos. He visited record stores most of the times and studied the back of cassettes, cds and vinyls sleeve he came across, learning who wrote and produced most of his favourite songs. Inspired by Afro classic songs, hiphop, rnb and party songs, a young bigjoe made it his motto to play all music, for all people, all over the world. DJ Bigjoe plays all kinds of music genre but specialises in dance, house, afrobeats, charts, pop etc. he constantly updates his music library and always up to date with latest and current music. Due to his background as an audio engineer, he pays close attention to sound quality and makes sure he uses the most current and advance DJ gear for all his gigs. Also he has very high standards, professionalism and passion for what he does, and for that guarantees to deliver the great service any clients request. Like his approach to deejaying, Bigjoe’s approach to production is unbound by genre and era. With his acquired skills in Deejaying, He doesn’t merely play music, he creates a party atmosphere and focus more on what his clients want. He’s also a qualified sound engineer and a proud graduate of the highly acclaimed music school SAE Institute London, which helped him in advance technical expertise and knowledge of electronic sound recording & music production. Now an iconic name in the industry, DJ Bigjoe is recognized from miles away by his signature fashion sense, his unique way of always dressing smart to a gig, even to informal events. Bigjoe’s sense of style is truly his own. He has started producing music of his own and looks forward to working with upcoming and established musicians over the Globe. He resides in UK and sometimes tours around the world, electrifying party people with an infectious showmanship, a crowd-commanding voice, and a musical palette so broad, he relates to everyone within his reach, uniting dance floors around the globe.

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